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Custom Well Water Treatment

custom well water treatment

Do you have tough water? We have reliable solutions!

The water in your home is something that you should be able to rely on from day to day. Your family and your home should be able to depend on your water treatment system and how it preforms.

Absolute Water Treatment has many years of experience dealing with severe and difficult problem water. Our staff will work with you to design a system for your home that will provide you with dependable clean and delicious water.

On top of that we will also stand behind our designs with complete system warranties and reliable service.

Some Common Water Quality Problems in Southern Ontario

  • Sulfur water from minor to severe black water
  • Iron and sulfur eating bacteria (slimy gooey substance often found in toilet tanks)
  • Tannins a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic substance present in some water sources
  • E-Coli is a type of bacteria that normally can be present in your well water
  • Methane or other types of gases that cause spurting or milky and foggy looking water
  • Manganese in deep water wells, can be found in concentrations as high as 2 to 3 parts per million, although amounts are usually smaller. As little as 0.05 parts per million (ppm) can cause black and brown staining. Manganese often exists with iron, and the two together often make chocolate-colored brown stains
  • TDS stands for total dissolved solids, and represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. TDS is made up of inorganic salts, as well as a small amount of organic matter. Common inorganic salts that can be found in water include calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, which are all cations, and carbonates, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates, which are all anions. Cations are positively charged ions and anions are negatively charged ions
  • Low flow rates and low production water wells
  • Excessive sediment problems

A Wide Range of Products and Solutions

Absolute Water Treatment has access to a wide range of different water treatment technologies for treating problematic well water. Sometimes it can be something simple like an Ultra Violet Light system. Other times a more customized solution is required.

Absolute Water Treatment takes pride in knowing we are equipped to battle some of our area’s nastiest water quality problems. Some of the items we carry for these applications include:

  • Media filters and specialty resins Retention and mixing tanks for chemical contact time
  • Chemical injection systems or pumps for chlorine or peroxide injection
  • Polishing filters ensure no stray contaminants slip through into your system
  • Water softeners
  • Point of use and whole home reverse osmosis systems
  • Open air de-gassing tanks and water volume storage tanks
  • Comprehensive warranties to ensure you and your system are covered for years to come
  • PRO-Installations are included on all of our custom well water systems. Our pro-installs start with finished and painted plywood mounting surfaces for clean solid and professional piping and filter installations. This includes all labour charges as well as schedule 80 PVC piping, wisrbo piping and copper piping. It also many unions, shut off valves, pressure gauges and drain valves for easy service